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  • Email Survey Thingy #3

    Current as of 05/01/06 - Need a blank copy for your own use?
    1. What time is it 01:24 AM
    2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Charles Wayne Hallin
    3. Nickname(s): Charlie, Crazy, Inabeanpod, Beans
    4. Parents names: Chuck and Phyllis
    5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 28 (had I had a cake with enough candles to represent my age)
    7. Pets: None. Not even a fish.
    8. Eye color: Brown
    9. Hair color: Brown
    10. Piercings: No, that involves sharp pointed objects that, when pressed into my flesh, tend to make me pass out.
    11. Tattoos: Tattoos also involve sharp pointed objects... and I don't want hepetitus C or whatever you can get from uncleaned tattoo equipment.
    12. How much do you love your job?: I love it so much I can't wait for a better one -- IE something on the Day Shift -- to come along.
    13. Favorite color: Black
    14. Hometown: N/A
    15. Current Residence: Kansas City, MO
    16. Favorite food: Apple Pie Chiller
    17. Been to Africa?: No
    18. Been toilet papering?: Yes
    19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: No, I guess not. I've been pretty bummed out by girls before though.
    20. Been in a car accident?: Yes
    22. Sprite or 7UP?: 7UP
    23. Favorite Movie: Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy
    24. Favorite Holiday: All the "banker holidays"
    25. Favorite day of the week: Sunday
    26. Favorite word or phrase: Its either antidisestablishmentarianism or dispensationalistic... HA... just kidding... I don't have one.
    27. Favorite Toothpaste: Whatever the cheapest kind of "it will make your teeth white and sexy so the chicks will dig you, but only if you use our brand" I can buy is
    28. Favorite Restaurant: 54th Street Bar and Grill
    29. Favorite Flower: Guys don't have favorite flowers... I'm a guy.
    30. Favorite Drink: rootbeer!
    31. Favorite sport to watch: Woman's gymnastics... er... Woman's Short Track Speed Skating... er... football, NCAA basketball in march, NASCAR, hockey, baseball
    32. Preferred type of ice cream: pistachio almond, but only if I've had my pills
    33. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Jim Hinson
    34. Disney or Warner Bros: Warner Bros provied my internet connection so I guess I like them better, but Disney just purchased Pixar.
    35. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Lighthouse Custard which is closed now. *sob*
    36. When was your last hospital visit?: A year ago or something like that
    37. What color is your bedroom carpet?: Maroon and dust
    38. Have u ever been convicted of a crime?: Not that I know of
    39. The last person you got email from before this?: don't remember... guess I'm old
    40. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit cards: the Apple Store!!
    41. What do you do most often when you are bored?: sleep I guess
    42. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest: Alicia probably.
    43. Most annoying thing people ask me: Any of those love life/girlfriend type quesions.
    44. Bedtime: Any time after 3 AM
    45. Who will respond the quickest?: Duno
    46. (a) Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond: I could send it to Sue and she'd just delete it like she does all forwards.
    46.(b) Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to remember your birthday after you've written it down for them?: Is it me or are the questions just getting dumber?
    47. Favorite all time TV show: TV shows? Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
    48. Last person you went out to dinner with: Chris
    49. Last Movie you saw: Uhh... Saw Narina in the $2 theater.
    50. Time when you finished: 1:32 AM