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    The Aquabats


    opinion's only

    Andrea & Ronda, just ignore this one OK?


    Dating... What, you think I'm a bird?!?!

    That's why we use soybeans!

    Just my luck...The first time I ever go nude sun-tanning, they take a picture!!

    Office2000 - Getitnow!

    Why should the devil have all the good music?

    Because good music leads straight to HELL

    Hmm... Maybe I should learn a few of these

    Hollow Brick Garden Fork 3 or 4 shelves?
    A figure by Oscar Reutersvard
    Tongue or Groove? Technical Drawing? Ambihelical Hexnut
    Impossible Triangle and the Devils Pitchforks This figure appears in Belvedere by M C Escher The Impossible Triangle
    A figure by the mathematician L S Penrose
    It looks real enough, but look at the third log!
    From Impossible Penetrations by Bruno Ernst ~ 1984
    The Penrose Staircase
    A figure by the mathematician L S Penrose
    This was used as the basis for M C Eschers Ascending and Descending
    Impossible joinery
    Tribar Ring Flat 8
    Quadrature of the Wheel Figures by Oscar Reutersvard

    Figures by Oscar Reutersvard

    Impossible Corner
    Impossible Figures
    Zenon Kulpa ~ ink and paper ~ 1980
    Images of Illusion
    From a screen print by Shigeo Fukuda ~ 1984
    The Impossible Two - Bar
    Bruno Ernst
    Impossible Torus Building an impossible arch Four Bar
    from Layered Blocks
    Oscar Reutersvard
    from Two Arrows
    Oscar Reutersvard
    Meander figure
    How many legs does this elephant have ?

    Endlich auch im le bit - dasKultwesen aus den Levis-Spots auf MTV- Flat Eric

    Issue a Summons to a Moron

    rock for life

    Its story time!!

    Fawlty Towers the title of greatest British TV show of all time




    The Antichrist Slideshow


    Mechadon = "deathblossom"

    What am I supost to see again?

    One of the first blade tests Chromoly v.Commodore 64 monitor One of the last blade tests

    Any questions?


    more links:

    Now you can guess like the pro's do

    Ralph's Throne

    Laughter Anti-evolution?




    Hmm... looks as if Charlie had TacoBell again

    Portland OR? I've been there before!

    faked moon 2

    mooned ya 1